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carbon trading

Our Charcoal.

More than 17 years working with the best global producers / exporters of charcoal, make ASF one of the leading companies. We have suppliers in Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Cub,a Namibia, Nigeria, Malaysia.

Our products are preferred by the main European, Asian and Middle Eastern customers.

With an annual volume of 15,000 tons, we are a benchmark in the sector.

We have products for restaurant in bags to 20kg, 15kg and 10kg, as well as for retails in 5kg and 3kg and for Narguile.

We work with the best woods such as white quebracho, guayacán or marabú, in all its formats, which allows us to fully satisfy our network of customers around the world.

With great care of the environment, we control that all our shipments come from authorized producers, and we even sell products with FSC certification.

We also sell charcoal briquettes, in 15kg bags and big bags.

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